Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY Playdough Mats

Monkey J is finally getting to the stage where he can really use playdough without my help.  I had seen some playdough mats that you could download and then laminate, but I opted for a quick and easy DIY instead.  I simply drew some shapes and letters on two pieces of construction paper and used clear contact paper (I picked my roll up from Target):

Make sure you draw on both sides of the paper because these mats are double-sided!

Cut the contact paper to size (I like to leave extra so that it's easier to cut later) and cover one side at a time:

Cut around the edges and voila!  Your super, easy DIY playdough mats!

I was in a pinch for time, but your drawings could be more elaborate (and more colorful!).  You could also do numbers and corresponding circles.  Will post pictures tomorrow to see how the monkeys liked them :)

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