Monday, September 9, 2013

Butterfly Week: Sensory Bin

Welcome to our Butterfly week!  We started off with a fun butterfly sensory bin:

I used dyed butterfly pasta as my filler (for instructions on how to dye the pasta, go here):

And then filled the bin with some pom-pom caterpillars, some butterfly erasers, and some decorative flowers and butterflies from The Dollar Tree.  I wrapped one caterpillar in some toilet paper for his chrysalis and used white pom poms as eggs on the flowers.

Monkey J loved it!

He loved the butterfly pasta the best as he arranged them by color and made patterns with them:

We then talked about the butterfly life cycle, starting with egg:

Moving on to the caterpillar, who goes searching for food:

Followed by the caterpillar in his chrysalis, who emerges as a butterfly:

The two monkeys enjoyed exploring the bin together:

Looks like we will have a great butterfly week!

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