Sensory Bins

Welcome to our fun world of sensory bins!  Sensory bins are such a neat tool to introduce a subject to little ones.  I used to do them with Monkey J before Monkey A was born and didn't reintroduce them until I felt comfortable enough that Monkey A could join in on the fun.  Of course I always have to watch Monkey A to be sure, but both ages (3 and 1) have been enjoying them for a while now!

I like to present the sensory bin in a fun way too, to add more excitement to the bin itself.  Monkey J will literally squeal from the stairs when he first glimpses the set-up!  And if you are doing the bins indoors, it's a good idea to have a sheet underneath to help catch the spillage ;)

Birthday Sensory Bin:

Community Helpers:

Dinosaur Sensory Bin:

Earth Day Sensory Bin:

Easter Sensory Bin:

Frog Sensory Bin:

July 4th Sensory Bin:

Insect Sensory Bin:

Ocean Sensory Bins:

St. Patty's Day Sensory Bin:

Transportation Sensory Bin:

Valentine's Day Bin:

Yellow Sensory Bin:

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