Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pirate Week: Digging for Treasure

Monkey J ran outside super excited when I told him we were going to dig for treasure!

I took our gold coins, our flags, some shells, and some pirates and put them in our makeshift sandbox:

I left some coins on top and buried a whole bunch...

Collecting his booty:

While Monkey J counted his coins:

Monkey A collected all of the pirate flags:

And would then stick them back in the sand; a great fine motor skill practice:

An easy set-up for a fun-filled afternoon!  P.S.  I am just not a fan of sandboxes.  Maybe a real sandbox would be less work, but I find them to be so messy and then you have to cover them because of animals and/or if it rains.  Seems like a lot of trouble!  What are your thoughts on sandboxes?

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