Thursday, September 12, 2013

Butterfly Letter Hunt

I set up a little butterfly letter hunt activity in the backyard:

I laid out some butterfly nets, some magnifying glasses, and some binoculars along with a butterfly keeper that I had recently bought from Target:

On our paper butterflies, I wrote letters that would spell out the word butterfly:

And "hid" them around the yard:

Monkey J was very excited to use his binoculars to find the letters:

I had originally planned to ask him to search for the letters in the order you would spell butterfly, but he was just too excited to find the butterflies that we quickly abandoned that idea and just hunted for the butterflies instead:

And put them in our butterfly keeper:

When we had filled up the butterfly keeper, we dumped the butterflies out and spelled butterfly:

The butterfly keeper came with a booklet including some different species of butterflies, so we checked it out together:

And even went for a hunt in our backyard for some butterflies.  Monkey J stated that his favorite was the painted butterfly:

What's your favorite butterfly?

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