Monday, September 30, 2013

Orange Marbled Shaving Cream Paint

We have done this marbling technique a couple times with shaving cream, and it never fails to be one of our favorites!  This time we used red and yellow food coloring to make a beautiful fall pattern.  You will need:

-Shaving cream
-Food coloring
-Chopsticks or pencil or a stick
-Construction paper (I cut them out to look like leaves)
-A flat object like a ruler
-A container

Spray the shaving cream into a bucket:

And then smooth it out with your flat object:

Start dripping in some food coloring:

Then use your chopstick to stir the colors together:

There is no wrong way to stir, but you don't want to stir in one spot for too long.  An up and down motion creates really neat patterns as well:

Once you feel it's mixed enough (isn't that just beautiful?!)

Grab your piece of paper and place it in the shaving cream.  Pat around to make sure it is covered:

Let the shaving cream stay on the paper for 10 minutes:

After ten minutes, use your flat object or ruler to scrape off the shaving cream.  You will be left with the beautiful pattern on your paper:

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