Monday, October 28, 2013

Beginning of our Halloween Week

We began our Halloween week this week a little different...with a Halloween snack!

The kiddos loved them!

Next, we made a paper plate witch:

Such a fun witch!

We also brought out some of the orange playdough:

A great way to start our Halloween week!  Julian kept asking where our sensory bin was...guess that will make an appearance tomorrow ;)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Wrapping up Weather Week

For our last day of weather week, we combined several different weather elements on butcher paper.  We did some rain with some paintbrushes and water:

We did some clouds using cotton balls:

And we made the sun by using yellow pipe cleaners:

We made sure to keep an eye out for the time and, when it was close to the sunset, we ran into the living room to catch the rainbows.  We even stood in front of them so that we could have rainbows on us!

What a great way to end weather week!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weather Week: Yellow Sun Painting with Q-Tips

Continuing with our weather week, we worked on some yellow suns today:

We painted them with Q-tips!

Julian decided that the Q-tip technique wasn't working fast enough:

So he rubbed his hand all over it instead:

Which turned out very cool!

Weather Week: Rainbows with Cereal

As part of our weather week, we enjoyed making a rainbow out of some cereal I specifically bought for this activity.  Now, we never have cereal like this, so I was hoping the kiddos wouldn't even know to eat it, but of course the first thing they did was ask for a bowl ;)

But the rainbows were pretty! :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beginning of our Weather Week Fun

We started out our weather week this Monday and we've been really enjoying it:

We particularly loved making clouds in vases.  Super easy with some colored water (food coloring in water), some droppers or pipettes, and shaving cream on top of water in a vase:


Making more clouds in vases today:

Spelling out clouds in cotton balls:

We also made a tornado in a bottle.  We simply used a 2L bottle of water, mixed in a little bit of coloring and a little bit of soap.  Swirl it around until you get a tornado!

We also painted clouds with special cloud puffy paint:

You just need to mix shaving cream and glue:

Our clouds:

Wait for the puffy paint to dry overnight, and you are left with the coolest feeling clouds!  We also read this book about 10 times today!

It's about a sweet little cumulus who thinks she might be too small to do important cloud things until one day she comes across a frog who needs more water for his pond.  :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Black Paper Plate Snake and Cat

Today we made some black paper plate snakes:

Simply cut a black paper plate (or you can paint a plate black) in a circular motion until you reach the middle:

Attach some googly eyes and a tongue and you're done!

These snakes are huge hits around here :)

We then made a black cat also using black paper plates:

You use the same plate for all the parts of the cat:

I didn't get a picture of the final product, but hopefully you can get the idea:

What a super fun black week!