Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Barista Pretend Play

Completely inspired by Happy Hooligan's Coffee Shop Activity, I set up a little barista station for Monkeys J and A:

I provided some sand in a bowl to represent the coffee.  I had mixed in some Duncan Hines frosting creations in the chocolate marshmallow flavor to darken up the "coffee":

And when Monkey J poured water over the "coffee" it smelled delicious!  Just like a mocha or hot chocolate!

I promise this post is not sponsored by Starbucks ;)  But over the last few weeks, I had asked my mom and husband to save their coffee cups, lids, stirrers, and sleeves for us to use, I rinsed them and let the air-dry and then spread them out on the table:

I also mixed some white paint and water to create some "milk""

I also put out a bunch of spoons and measuring spoons.  For the "whipped cream" I used shaving cream:

I also put some flour in salt shakers for the "sugar":

They ended up truly looking like yummy coffee drinks!

Monkey J LOVED creating "lattes" for me:

What's your favorite coffee drink?  Mine is the soy decaf Cinnamon Dolce Latte - yummy!


  1. This is fantastic, Claudette! I love how you took the inspiration from our post and totally put your own spin on it. The white paint/water "milk", flour for "sugar and shaving cream for foam. Way to run with it! Looks like the monkeys had a blast!

    1. Thanks Jackie! The monkeys definitely had a blast and it kept them entertained for a good while! I couldn't believe how delicious the drinks looked - made me crave some coffee for sure ;)