Thursday, September 12, 2013

SET: Glowing Water

Welcome to another edition of SET (Science Experiment Thursday!).  Today our experiment was GLOWING water!

We waited until bath time for our SET today, because that's the best place in our home for the black light:

Simply pour some tonic water into the bowl and turn on the black light:

The tonic water glows because the UV light from the black light excites the phosphors that are present in tonic water (as well as highlighter pens).  Monkey J had a really hard time understanding why the light made the water glow and kept trying to pour different things into the bowl to see if they would glow, but he finally understood that the tonic water needed the black light in order for it to glow.

We also checked out other items in our bathroom that glowed with the UV light as well.  It was a really fun and quick experiment that I'm sure we will be trying out again soon!

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