Monday, September 9, 2013

Butterfly Place-Mats

After some fun re-enacting the life stages of a butterfly using our tents, tunnels, and fairy wings:

We made our Butterfly poster (Monkey J actually lined up the letters in the correct order and glued them down to the poster all by himself.  Something just 6 weeks ago he could not do!)

We made our way outdoors to make some butterfly foot-prints:

Fortunately my mother was here to assist in Monkey A's foot because she is a wiggly little one ;)  We had them choose three colors and painted the bottoms of their feet:

Then stamped them on (you actually want to do reverse feet; the right foot in the left foot's spot and the left foot in the right foot's spot):

I then filled in the butterfly's body and antenna:

And covered them in contact paper:

These will be our meal place-mats for the week:

And because they are covered in clear contact paper, they will also be a sweet memory for me to keep as well :)

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