Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Bubble Dough

We tried our hand again at some bubble dough today.  After our Rubber Milk experiment, Monkey J said he wanted to do his own experiment and grabbed some liquid dish soap, poured it into a container, and then asked to microwave it.  After microwaving the soap, he asked to add in some cornstarch.  We ended up with some really awesome bubble dough this time! 

Before I even had a chance to call it bubble dough, Monkey J touched it and remarked, "It feels just like bubbles!" 

As you can tell from the first picture, we didn't use any specific measurements; we simply kept adding soap and cornstarch until we got the right texture.  I think we used closer to 1 cup cornstarch to 1/2 cup dish soap:

Monkey J loved rolling the dough into snakes:

And Monkey A loved sticking her fingers in it:

A very fun afternoon with some neat sensory material!

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