Thursday, August 15, 2013

Real Apple Stamping, Apple Wash, and Apple Experiment

It couldn't be apple week without some apple stamping!

I wrote down the word APPLE and had Monkey J stamp the outline of the letters:

 He caught on right away!

As did Monkey A:

And they were overly zealous with the stamping ;)

We then had an apple wash:

Lastly, we did a science experiment with our apples:

We put some lime juice on two halves of an apple, lemon juice on another two halves, and nothing on the last apple:

We then set the timer for 10 minutes and watched to see what happened.  We learned that lemon juice preserved the apples the best!  This was a neat science experiment that both monkeys really loved...I'm thinking of incorporating a weekly science experiment for them.  

Do you have any fun science experiments to share?!

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