Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Green Week: Sensory Bin and Green Foam Dough

Upon returning from vacation in beautiful Isle of Palms, SC, we had a blast doing our green week theme this week.  Because I didn't have much time to prepare for green week since we arrived late Saturday evening and unpacked Sunday, I had the little monkeys help me put together our green sensory bin:

I had them fill up our green basket with our green filler (split green peas)

I then asked Monkey J to fill up the basket with green items from our playroom:

Soon we had a whole basket of green:

And that completed our green sensory bin!

We ate from green bowls:

Took a green bath (but pictures are censored! Hehe!)  And made some really neat foam dough using equal parts shaving cream and cornstarch:

Of course we mixed in some green food coloring for green week:

This stuff is so neat!  The shaving cream keeps it fluffy but the cornstarch makes it almost mold-able:

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