Monday, June 10, 2013

Yellow Sensory and Bath

So admittedly I haven''t focused on colors with Monkey A the way I did with Monkey J, so we started our One Color, One Week Series today with the color yellow!

Our yellow sensory bin:

Materials: Spanish yellow rice and many yellow odds and ends

Monkey J loved the letter "Y"!

We whipped out our parachute and balls and pointed out/sorted the yellow ones:

We then played with some yellow water (simply added yellow food coloring in slowly to the water):

Until it became a nice, deep yellow:

Both kiddos really enjoyed putting some ice in the water and calling it lemonade:

So we actually decided to make some lemonade:

Complete with yellow umbrellas!

And then it was back to some sensory bin exploring:

We were also excited over our yellow color paddles!  We got them here:

As you can see, we didn't ignore the other colors...we simply concentrated on yellow:

And soon enough we were ready for our yellow bath!

Complete with yellow shaving cream paint!  Check out our shaving cream paint recipe here:

And a "Y" for yellow!  ;)

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