Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ice Age Dinosaur Excavation

As part of our blue week, but also because we were supposed to have a dinosaur playdate but then Monkey J and I fell ill with strep and we were on quarantine, we whipped out our Ice Age frozen dinosaur block.  You will have to freeze the dinosaurs in sections at a time in your freezer otherwise they will all float to the top.  I dropped in some blue food coloring to make it more interesting:

I provided spray bottles of colored water:

Some brushes and some colored salt:

And finally some bottles of warm water:

Monkey J quickly discovered that the warm water worked the best on excavating the dinosaurs:

The sun melted the bottom layer while the monkeys napped:

So I quickly refroze the bottom layer and let them finish their excavation:

A wonderful time, particularly for when it's hot outside!  Do you think this is something your little monkey would enjoy?

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