Friday, June 21, 2013

Napkin Butterflies

As our last part of Summer week (and to mark the very first day of summer!), we made some butterflies out of napkins and food coloring:

We set up some food coloring in little containers and then used some droppers to drop the food coloring onto the napkins:

When finished, it should look like this:

We then took a black pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the middle of the napkin and curled the top parts over to make it look like antennae:

A few googly eyes, a craft stick (originally I had tried gluing the craft stick to the pipe cleaner but then I found that wrapping the pipe cleaner around the craft stick made it a lot sturdier), and some drawn eyelashes and a mouth (per Monkey J's request) = one beautiful butterfly!

Monkey J loved his butterfly and walked around the house with it giving it a hug:

Here is Monkey A's butterfly!

Have you made some craft butterflies with your little ones?  How'd they turn out and what materials did you use?

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