Friday, June 14, 2013

Yellow Pool Sensorial Immersion

We love using our plastic baby pool as a giant sensory bin where the kiddos can literally immerse themselves in what we're learning.  Today, as part of our yellow week, we filled it with water, put in some yellow paint and started finding all the outdoor objects we could that were yellow:

Monkey J and Monkey A were running around the yard eagerly looking for yellow objects.  Every time we would throw an object in we would yell "Yellow!" excitedly.  Side note:  Admittedly, Monkey A was grabbing items of any color! ;)

Soon, our tub was almost full of yellow objects!

We included some yellow water balloons:

And the kiddos immersed themselves in yellow:

Yellow is fun!

1 comment :

  1. The water looks more green than yellow in the pictures, which made for a great teaching moment with Monkey J since the tub is blue and we added yellow paint. And we all know that yellow and blue make green!