Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Water Beads!

We can't go through our "summer week" without playing with some water beads!

We had some friends over and the water beads distracted all 4 kids for a good while!

If you haven't tried water beads, you definitely should!  We get them from The Dollar Tree and purchase them in several different colors.  We used pink and blue today.  You can scent them as well - I scented the blue ones with the scent of "ocean spray".

Water beads are for use in plants as they slowly dispense water into the soil gradually over time.  They start off as tiny beads that you need to immerse in water for at least 12 hours in order for the beads to absorb the water.  Once they absorb the water, they are the squishiest most fun sensory experience ever!

I typically place them in a bucket with a bit of water and give the kids different scoops, nets, and buckets and let their imagination run wild! ;)

Have you ever tried water beads?  What are your thoughts?

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