Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Red Shadow Coloring

Monkey J loved this activity and called it "Magic Letters" :)  It can be done with any theme, so try it out!  You simply need two sheets of paper, some letters (I found ours at The Dollar Tree), some tape, and a crayon.  Because Monkey J is all about letters and spelling these days, I had him pick out the letters we would need to spell "red":

Tape down the letters on one piece of paper:

Place tape in the 4 corners of the other piece of paper and place on top of the first piece of paper:

Then let the coloring begin.  It's probably best to remove the paper from the crayon and use the crayon sideways to color, but Monkey J wanted to use the crayon the correct way ;)

After some coloring, you will see the letters begin to emerge:

Just like magic!

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