Thursday, July 4, 2013

Colored Ice Star Bath

For 4th of July, our little monkeys had a fun celebratory bath.  Monkey J helped with the preparations:

We had star ice cube trays, but any tray will do.  We used red and blue food coloring for our patriotic theme:

Squeeze some food coloring into each compartment:

Add some water:

Freeze in freezer for a couple of hours (or overnight):

And when you're done you will have some neat, colored ice cubes!

We took ours to the bath.  It was a wonderful learning experiment too when the monkeys discovered that mixing the red and blue stars together made our water turn purple!  You could also color with these - while the stars are slushy but not yet frozen solid, place craft sticks or q-tips in the center of them:

Tip: If the craft sticks are falling over, cut them in half
Either way, you and your monkeys are sure to have a blast!  We made our way to a fun 4th of July parade this did you celebrate your 4th?

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