Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beginning of our Weather Week Fun

We started out our weather week this Monday and we've been really enjoying it:

We particularly loved making clouds in vases.  Super easy with some colored water (food coloring in water), some droppers or pipettes, and shaving cream on top of water in a vase:


Making more clouds in vases today:

Spelling out clouds in cotton balls:

We also made a tornado in a bottle.  We simply used a 2L bottle of water, mixed in a little bit of coloring and a little bit of soap.  Swirl it around until you get a tornado!

We also painted clouds with special cloud puffy paint:

You just need to mix shaving cream and glue:

Our clouds:

Wait for the puffy paint to dry overnight, and you are left with the coolest feeling clouds!  We also read this book about 10 times today!

It's about a sweet little cumulus who thinks she might be too small to do important cloud things until one day she comes across a frog who needs more water for his pond.  :)

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