Friday, October 4, 2013

Orange Epsom Salt

I found some Epsom salt the other day at The Dollar Tree and figured it would make a neat sensory material.  Note:  If you have little ones that will ingest this, use another sensory material.  Though on the box it says you can ingest it internally for use as a laxative, letting little ones eat this does not sound like a good idea ;)  Fortunately, both of my monkeys keep things out of their mouths these days.  Epsom salt feels very similar to salt and it's fun to run your fingers through it.  We decided to dye ours orange for orange week:

Simply squirt in some drops of the food coloring and stir it:

We eventually ended up with a beautiful orange:

I threw in some utensils and fun things for the monkeys to play:

And since sharing the salt became too hard...

Monkey A and I made some more:

We also moved the project outdoors to avoid a mess ;)

Who knew Epsom salt could be so much fun!?

We then used it in our bath at night:

Which made our bath turn a nice orange and hey, baths are what Epsom salt is for, right?!

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