Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harvest Week

We had a fun week this week during our "Harvest Week".  We started off with our sensory bin:

I used cornmeal as the base, some fake gourds and pumpkins from The Dollar Tree, and our tractors:

We had a harvest picking activity one afternoon:

Monkey J was to harvest the crops from the yard and then place them in the correct colored container:

We also played a lot with our tractors and pretended to harvest crops with them:

We used cheerios and our pumpkin spice playdough for our crops:

Monkey A really enjoyed putting the mini pumpkins in the pick-up trucks:

We've also been reading books about farmers harvesting their crops and we talk about which crops can be harvested.  We've nicknamed each other Farmer J and Farmer A and we've been practicing writing the letters that make up the word "harvest".

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