Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We've been continuing our Ocean Week.  We left out our ocean backdrop and have been adding to it everyday:

We also have been reading some books on the ocean:

And the kids woke up to a neat ocean display:

We squeezed in some fun learning today in between our "regularly schedule program" of Music Class ;)  Monkey J and Monkey A were both drawn to the jellyfish yesterday, so I really wanted them to get an idea of how they would out came some water balloons!

To explain about the tentacles, we attached some thinly cut white streamers to the balloons:

We then put in some water beads with the water balloons to feel all the different kinds of squishy!

We kept our super neat "Animal World" book nearby, flipped to the jellyfish page:

And we made some cute jellyfish!

Which we put on our ocean backdrop:

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