Friday, December 13, 2013

End of White Week: White Sensory Bags

With our final day of white week, we had a lot of fun in store, including our white outfits!  First, I added some white jasmine, bath salts to the sensory bin:

We had a friend of hers with a 5 month old baby coming over, so we decided to make some sensory bags for him:

We continued our sensory bags and taped them up to our door, that way the light can shine through them and they look really neat:

Monkey J literally did not want to stop making these!  He especially loved the ones that had the white shaving cream in them!

Sensory Bags:
-Simply add shaving cream into a ziplock bag
-Mix in some food coloring (it's neat to add two colors that way they can mix together)
-Add any small items like beads, erasers, etc.:

You will then want to tape the top with some duct tape (we used our pretty duct tape to dress it up a bit).  Soon, we had quite the collection!

If you tape it to the door, the older kids love to squish it and look for the objects inside.  Monkey also enjoyed tracing some letters as well:

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