Thursday, November 14, 2013

Planet Week: SET Rocket Launch

We just had to do our Rocket launch for this week's S.E.T.!  We had a kit that contained a small rocket and a beaker that you would fill up with baking soda and vinegar and watch as the rocket blasted out of the container:

Setting up our baking soda:

Loading the rocket:

Watching it launch:

The kiddos were a bit disappointed by the lack of true "launch" our rocket made.  I found a cool video online to do when the little ones are a bit older that has directions for a really neat rocket and a time-lapse release of the baking soda.  Here's the link:

Since there is no disappointment in science, we decided to bring out a cookie sheet, a plastic volcano, and some pipettes so that we could make more "explosions" with the baking soda and vinegar:

They really loved the way it fizzed!

So much science fun!

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